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1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize

Pink Elasmobranchs – The effects of stress

A blonde ray comes to the boat

The BoatLife Fishing Championship is built upon sustainability and best practices. This core value extends through encouraging productive development from our branded teams, to encouraging participants to have a positive effect, but can also be seen through our event rules and best handling practices with regards to specific species.  We’ve already outlined how large tope […]

The Fish Locker fishes Conwy

The Fish locker fishes Conwy

The first round of the BoatLife Fishing Championship in Conwy is nearly upon us – full details and registration for the privateers cup, where a £2000 prize is up for grabs can be found here:  Whilst the Sunday event, where the privateers will be involved, will focus on a set number of species, anything goes […]

Beneteau Bates Wharf ‘Well Plumbed’

Meet one of our Championship Teams, Beneteau Bates Wharf ‘Well Plumbed’.  The team consists of Paul Want, Oliver Mead and Freddie De Vare, fishing aboard the fantastic Beneteau Antares 8.  More innovative and versatile than ever, the new Antares 8 boasts a range of new leisure functionalities, so you can enjoy maximum comfort and sail […]

Species Hunt and the ingredients of success

Our Conwy BoatLife Championship event for our branded teams kicks off with a species hunt.  A seemingly simple task on paper, simply having to catch one of any species, at any size, can prove much trickier than it sounds. This sort of angling attracts its specialists, with annual boat and shore events producing an extraordinary […]

Mustang Survival with Squidward 3

Introducing our Mustang Survival team, partnered with the incredible family trio of Squidward 3 Fishing Adventures, and Vanclaes Boat Trailers.  Safety is paramount in the BoatLife Fishing Championship, and Mustang Survival offers some of the best safety equipment in the industry, including their fantastic Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket, built for ultimate comfort and […]

Small Boats Sea Fishing UK Team

Introducing the Small Boats Sea Fishing UK Team, in partnership with Phantom Marine. Community is at the heart of the BoatLife Fishing Championship, and there’s few communities in UK boat fishing that match up to that built by the team at Small Boats Sea Fishing UK. You can engage with their online community here.  With […]

Suzuki Fishing Team with Smart Fishing UK

Introducing the Suzuki Fishing Team, in partnership with Smart Fishing UK. With a focus on engines designed specifically for the rigours of marine use, it’s no surprise that Suzuki are the go to for many boat anglers in the UK. Suzuki also align well with the sustainability initiatives of the BoatLife Fishing Championship, with their […]

Angling Trust Team

Introducing the Angling Trust BoatLife Fishing Championship team, in partnership with National Fishing Voucher.  The Angling Trust are recognised by the government as the national representative body for anglers of all disciplines in England, and partner with Visit Wales and Natural Resources Wales to promote fishing in Wales, where the first leg of the BoatLife […]

The importance of crushed barbs on large circle hooks

crushed barb circle hooks fishing large fish sharks

A small rule for the BoatLife Fishing Championship and Privateer’s cup, that the observant will notice, is that circle hooks over a 6/0 must have the barb crushed.  Whilst the use of such large hooks may be limited, a number of the BoatLife Fishing events do open up the opportunity to target some larger species […]

A world class competition with a world class app

Angling live fishing competition app

BoatLife Fishing, driven by sustainability, is a catch and release competition. Simply returning a fish is not the only consideration of sustainability and fish welfare though, we have to ensure that very effort is taken to reduce post-release mortality in the handling and return of the fish.  You will see how we have already taken […]

1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize