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1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize

Mustang Survival with Squidward 3

Introducing our Mustang Survival team, partnered with the incredible family trio of Squidward 3 Fishing Adventures, and Vanclaes Boat Trailers. 

Safety is paramount in the BoatLife Fishing Championship, and Mustang Survival offers some of the best safety equipment in the industry, including their fantastic Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket, built for ultimate comfort and performance when you need it. 

We’re hoping that the weather doesn’t call for a demonstration of Mustang Survival’s extensive range of high performance waterproofs, but given the event is in Conwy, North Wales, being prepared for some wet weather is not a bad idea, and the Callan and Taku ranges are perfect for those occasional spring showers, whilst not getting too hot in extra layers. 

Squidward 3, the family team consisting of Daz, Caz and Luke McKell, will be bringing their boat up from their usual base in the solent. Manoeuvring a heavy boat is no small undertaking and a quality trailer is essential. The McKell’s can rely on their Vanclaes boat trailer to get the job done, which you’ll be able to check out by popping along to the event in Conwy. 

You can show your support for the Mustang Survival team via the Angling Live app over the course of the weekend. 

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1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize