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1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize

Angling Trust Team

Introducing the Angling Trust BoatLife Fishing Championship team, in partnership with National Fishing Voucher. 

The Angling Trust are recognised by the government as the national representative body for anglers of all disciplines in England, and partner with Visit Wales and Natural Resources Wales to promote fishing in Wales, where the first leg of the BoatLife Fishing Championship takes place, in Conwy.

We’re pleased to welcome a team that shares our same sustainability values, with key programmes to tackle litter and pollution as well as leading on many campaigns to secure improved recreational angling rights. 

The team is also sponsored by National Fishing Voucher, launching this month, which will offer the opportunity for gift purchases to buy anglers gift vouchers that can be redeemed at hundreds of locations all over the UK. Their drive is to increase engagement and overall spend in the recreational angling economy, benefiting everyone in the industry. 

National Fishing Voucher also commits to donating a portion of profits to Angling Trust campaigns, and ensuring a plastic bottle is removed from the ocean for every voucher sold. 

Be sure to follow the Angling Trust team via the Angling Live app, where live league tables and pictures of all recorded fish will be able to be viewed. 

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1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize