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1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize

Pro Team | Washdown Cleaning Pack


1l Detailing spray, 1l Graft, 2 prevented ocean plastic 500ml spray bottles and 4 microfibre cloths.

All our high performance products are completely safe for the user and the environment. Free of all Voc’s and toxic chemicals harmful to aquatic life.
Detailing spray: 
A hybrid, PH neutral multi – surface cleaner designed for those who want the ultimate finish in little time. Detailing spray removes human made marks and smears with ease. Perfect for high traffic areas on the boat which possesses regular cleaning. The detailing spray leaves a protective film which helps in easily removing future soiling.
The detailing spray can be used on the deck to clean fish residue, dirt, and salt buildup. Its pH-neutral formula ensures that it won’t damage surfaces like fiberglass or wood while maintaining cleanliness.

Cabin Surfaces: For boats with cabins, the detailing spray can be used to clean countertops and tables. Effectively removing spills, dust, and grime without leaving residues or causing damage to upholstery or synthetic surfaces,

Fishing Equipment: The detailing spray can clean non-porous surfaces of fishing equipment like rod holders, coolers, and storage compartments, removing dirt and residue while preventing buildup.

Fish Holds and Live Wells: A pH-neutral spray can be used to clean fish holds and live wells without contaminating or harming the equipment. It effectively removes fish residue and prevents bacterial buildup.

Another Ph neutral formula which is tough on dirt and grime but gentle on hard surfaces and floors. It is a fantastic degreaser perfect on stubborn dirt and oil marks. Great for use on rib tubes, teak, synthetic teak.
RIB Tubes: As it’s great for cleaning rib tubes, you can use Graft to remove tough stains, salt deposits, algae buildup, and other marks that commonly appear on these surfaces, keeping the inflatable tubes clean and looking new.
Engine and Mechanical Areas: The engine and surrounding mechanical compartments can accumulate grease, oil, and fuel residues. Graft can help break down these residues, ensuring that the machinery remains clean and functions efficiently.
Fish Holds and Live Wells: fish holds and live wells can accumulate oil or grease from the catch. Graft can help eliminate these tough residues while keeping the compartments safe for future catches.
Flooring: Use it on decks and flooring surfaces to remove stubborn stains and grease marks left by fish residue, oil spills, or dirt buildup without damaging or discoloring the material.
Rails and Gunwales: The rails and gunwales, which are often made of metal or wood, can get dirty from oils, sunscreen, or grease. The degreaser can be used here to keep these surfaces clean and prevent the buildup of slippery residues.
Fishing Equipment and Accessories: Items like rod holders, coolers, bait boards, and other fishing accessories can benefit from degreasing to remove oil or fish residues that build up over time.
Bilges: Bilges are prone to collecting grease and oil from the engine or machinery. Using a pH-neutral degreaser can clean out this area safely without damaging the bilge pumps or other components.

1st Stage: Conwy 18th & 19th May, £2000 1st place privateers prize